angel imageAngels are everywhere and they communicate with us in many ways. Thoughts come to us, we hear songs, see signs, meet strangers, pick up a book and open it to just the right page, and sometimes we find feathers.

For fifteen years my angels chose to communicate with me through feathers. I would ask a question such as "Should I attend this workshop?" and the angels would respond by leaving a feather in my path.

It all started when I was reading a story about Robert Gass in Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul by Arielle Ford, a collection of true stories about angels, miracles and healings. In his story "A Burden as Light as a Feather," Robert asks for a sign to confirm that he is to write a book. He is first given a rainbow as a sign. He doubts this as a sign and asks for a more definitive sign, a feather. In an unexpected turn of events, he gets his answer.

If it worked for Robert Gass perhaps it would work for me. My life was filled with interesting experiences and I had been thinking they would make a great book. So I asked, "If I am to write a book, give me a sign. And like Robert Gass, make it a feather. And if I am to do it right now, give me a bunch of feathers.

The next morning as I rushed to an appointment, I got out of my car and dropped my keys. As I bent to pick them up, a feather skittered across the pavement and landed on my keys. Surprised, but not totally convinced, I closed the car door and walked around the car where once again I dropped my keys. This time as I stooped to retrieve the keys, the wind blew and a whole bunch of feathers blew up the sidewalk and surrounded my keys!

My communication through feathers had begun.

feather collectionAs feathers came to me through the years, I'd drop them in a bowl or a jar or a box. I had angel reminders at work and at home.

While a friend and fellow hypnotherapist, Susan, was visiting several years ago we were talking about my feathers and how they came to me in different ways. I mentioned something I had been asking the angels about and was certain a feather would come my way but none had appeared. I wanted to be sure of the answer, so I had asked specifically for a white feather. She looked at me surprised and told me she had recently been given the Indian name "White Feather."

During that same visit, Susan and I worked with Medicine Cards and talked about the messages that came through. Always inspiring and motivating one another during our visits, I mentioned that perhaps I could someday create some cards of some kind using my feathers. I made a note in my notebook to create feather cards. It appears along with other notes from that weekend about writing books and telling stories. So vague, but the Universe responds by manifesting what we create with our thoughts and our words. We never know whether the manifestation will occur in hours, minutes, or years and we are often not even aware of our thoughts!

When I retired it was time to get to know myself again. I was ready to do the things I had always wanted to do but had allowed work to get in the way. After a few months of meditation and soul searching and participating in an Angel Messenger Certification class, I embarked on a 40-day meditation journey.

Notebook with feather sketchesEach day as I meditated, I surrounded myself with things I loved: candles, crystals, and feathers. As I would finish my meditation study, I would pull a feather from the bowl in front of me. As I held the feather, a word came to me and then a message pertaining to the word. I sketched the feather in my notebook above the message for the day.

When the 40-day "journey" came to an end, I knew myself better and I had 40 messages and 40 black and white sketches of feathers. Fortunately, I had also taken photos of the feathers which later made it easier to identify the feathers for each day! Needing something to fill the void of the 40-day journey, I pulled out the watercolors my girls had given me five years earlier and spent a portion of each day creating paintings of the feathers.

When paintings of all 40 feathers had been created, I began writing meditations to go with each of them.

While sharing this process with an angel messenger group, the idea was born of creating angel oracle cards from the paintings.

Creating cards that I would be proud of was not an easy task. Others shared suggestions and links to web sites for making oracle cards. Without help, this task could have gone on forever! I have used all the information provided and fine-tuned the process and will be happy to share that information. If you are interested, email me:

After 4 years of selling my handcrafted cards, I found an affordable way to have them printed. Those years of creating them by hand gave me an opportunity to tweak them while sharing them with others.