Angel Readings offer a way to communicate with the angels through a messenger.

When I do an angel reading, I meditate for a short time, then offer a prayer for the client. I ask that the client and myself be surrounded with white light of love and protection during the reading. I invite in the angels, archangels, ascended masters and teachers of the highest vibration, and any loved ones who might choose to communicate. I ask that I be an open channel to receive communications for the highest and best for the client.

I then connect with the angels for any messages they might choose to share. After I have checked in and the communication has ceased, I pull cards from several decks for Past, Present, and Future. I write what I receive from the cards and their relationship to any question that has been asked by the client.

The reading is then sent by email to the client along with the names of the decks used and an attachment of a photo of the cards that were given for the reading.

I also do readings in person in Starkville, MS OR by phone. A reading may be purchased on this web site under the Products tab. After I receive notification of the purchase, I will contact you to schedule your reading.

I am always amazed at how relevant the messages are that come through for clients. Feedback is appreciated.