Feathers - large and small, tattered and torn, perfect and imperfect - have been lovingly collected, painted in watercolors and reproduced on oracle cards for your enjoyment.

Front of angel cards On the front of each feather card is a reproduction of a watercolor painting of a feather and the reverse side contains a word and it's related message from the angels. The Message in A Feather cards are 3.5x3.5 and while the sets Journey to Know Thyself deck and the Light As A Feather deck are 3.5x2.75, business card size.

Inspiration for the cards was born from a meditation as part of a training for an Advanced Angel Messenger Certification course. The messages for the cards were given from the angels.

Back of angel cardsColors for the backgrounds were chosen based on chakras. Each feather found its own watercolor background. The backgrounds of the paintings, when studied with a magnifying glass, often contain hearts. It can be speculated that these hearts are one more way the angels infused the cards with love.

Let the feathers speak to you on a daily basis. Pull a card from the deck first thing in the morning and learn what the angels would have you focus on for the day. Keep the card in view as a reminder during the day. At days end, reflect on what you have learned about yourself, about others, and about life. You may choose to journal about your experience. Keep a record of the messages the angels are giving you. They are, after all, leading you to your highest and best.

Purchase your deck and get started communicating with the angels.

white featherFor information about working with the angels or using your cards, contact me by email: patsysykes444@gmail.com

Love, light and many blessings,